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Project Aquaticus:

About this site


The information on this page was originally on the 'about me' page but I decided it needed a page of it's own.Here you'll be able to find updates,ideas and almost anything having to do with this site.

This website is also making another one of my dreams come true. I want to teach people about the marine enviroment and marine life. I remember when my mom got me The GREENPEACE Book of Dolphins for my 11th birthday and she wrote inside "I hope you learn alot about dolphins and share your knowledge with others". I took that very seriously, but I didn't know how, until I got the idea to start this site so here it is AQUATICUS.

Even thought I get the information from books, it doesn't mean I'm not willing to add things to this site and make it better. So, as you see I really appreciate what you have to say.Below is my email address so you can send me your comments,suggestions and questions. You can also leave them in the guestbook, forum and I also hope to have a form up soon.

UPDATES: -New counter(the other one stopped working) -Dolphins site link added -Killer Whale,False Killer Whale,Pygmy Killer Whale and Bottlenose Dolphin Profiles -Toothed Whales List up -Added a scrolling text reel IDEAS: -Fanlistings -Online community

If you would like to contact me send an email to the address below!

I will be adding more to this page so keep checking back!