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Profiles Page 1


Killer Whale|Photo|

Scientfic name: Orcinus orca
Lenght:female: 17-19.5 ft
           male:15-25.5 ft.
Weight:male:10.5 tons
           female:7.5 tons
Diet:numerous fish,squid and other marine mammals
        gulls,penguins and turtles.
Habitat:inshore and offshore;equitorial waters to polar ice  
Famous ones: Keiko,Shamu and Lolita  

False Killer Whale|Photo|

Scientific name:Pseudorca crassidens
Lenght:male:12-19.5 ft.
           female:11.5-16.5 ft.
Weight:male:2 tons
           female: 1 ton
Diet:various fish,cephalopods and rarely dolphins.
Habitat:mainly offshore;tropical,subtropical and sometimes
temperate world waters.
Famous ones:

Pygmy Killer Whale| Photo|

Scientific name:Feresa attenuata
Lenght:male:6.5-9.5 ft.
           female:7-8.5 ft.
Weight:330-375 lbs.
Diet:various smaller fish and squid.
Habitat:offshore;subtropical,tropical world waters.
Famous ones:

Bottlenose Dolphins |Photo|

Atlantic Bottlenose 
light gray back
gray shading to pink underside
about half as small as its Pacific cousins
spend a majority of its time in shallow near shore waters

Pacific Bottlenose
Dark gray coloring
About half the size larger that its Atlantic cousin
Spends most of its time in deep open waters

Atlantic and Pacific Bottlenose
 Scientific name:Tursiops truncatus
Lenght:male:8-12.5 ft.
           female:7.5-12 ft.
Weight:200-1,430 lbs.
Habitat:inshore to offshore;temperate to tropical world waters
Famous ones:Flipper,Darwin and Dolly