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About Me

My name is Nicole and I'm a junior in high school.I live in California,USA. Among my many loves is the ocean and the creatures that live in it especially dolphins,whales and porpoises. Like many people who love them I hope to one day be a marine biologist, marine mammalogist or oceanographer.

I feel very passionately about the ocean ever since I went to Sea World for the first time, ever since then my heart was theirs. I've always felt more complete when I'm near the sea. I hope to go to college in San Diego or Monterey Bay. I've been learning about dolphins, whales and porpoises since the first time I got my first book on them and I think that was at the Monteray Bay Aquarium.

I made a new site dedicated to only dolphins click on the dolphins link on the left to check it out!

You can contact me by writing to the email address below!

P.S. In case you were wondering iruka is the japannesse word for dolphin and noko mean like the girl of, so translated it means the girl of the dolphins.You see I even put dolphin in my email address.

P.S.S. Before you go make sure you check out the Project Aquaticus:About this site page!

I will be adding more to this page so keep checking back!