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A Greek Myth


Humans of the Sea

Human beings have always been facinated by the dolphin. It is thought to be one of the most intelligent, playful, friendly, and gentle of creatures.
Thousands of years ago, the ancient Greeks had a legend about the dolphin. They believed that once upon a time, dolphins were human. For one reason or another, the gods had sent them to live in the sea. The Greek poet Homertells the following story: The Greek god Dionysus was kidnapped by pirates. But he so frightened the pirate crew with his feats of magic that they threw themselves overboard and were at once turned into dolphins.
The tale caused the poet Ossian to write: "Diviner that the dolphin is nothing yet created, for indeed they were aforetime men, and lived in cities..."
Nowadays, no one really believes that dolphins were ever humans. But some scientists believe that dolphins may be as intelligent and perhaps more intelligent than people.
Many scientists don't agree. Many say that, right now, there's just noway of telling.

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