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Friendly Dolphins

In 66 AD, the Greek writer Plutarch wrote that dolphins had a gift for "unselfish friendship." The following stories tell of such dolphins.


She began approaching people in 1955 on the beach of Hokianga Harbouin the far northeast of New Zealand's North Island. She attracketed so many people that an act of parliment was passed to protect her, the next morning she was found dead,apparently killed with dynamite, she was buried with full Maori ritual.


In the 1960s he approached divers near Elie Fife in Scotland.


Swam with people at La Coruña in Northern Spain.


For six-years he befriended people along the west coast of Britain. Befriending poeple from the Isle of Man to Cornwall. He would play with boats tow divers,and allowed people to ride on his back. According to reports he would rescue people in distress and on one occasion even guided a lost diver back to his boat.

The Dolphins of Monkey Mia

Dolphins befriended the inhabitants of Monkey Mia,in Shark Bay, Western Australia. Orginally there was seven, five adult females and two male calves. Unlike the other dolphins featured on this page they accepted dead fish and allowed them selves to be stroked and petted. The calves grew up accustomed to this so successful generations of people-friendly dolphins continue to live in the area.


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